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Trends in home deco

Retro and vintage are definitely over, and the era of materials and different light solutions has come. Trends in home deco don't come or go that easily, since it takes much more to decorate a home and change your living space than simply changing your hairstyle. But people and designers are feeling a slightly faster change coming this time around, since some of the big trends during the last decade are fading away and leaving space for new trends. The big things in the future period will be materials, flat surfaces and creative approach to light, which is, in the end, the most intriguing element of decor.


Be prepared for changes

It happens every few years that the industrial style tries to creep on us and make us believe that all those unfinished surfaces are actually good looking. But soon we realize that we are actually hating them and that we could never do something like leave a wall unpainted and unfinished or have floors just made out of concrete and covered by nothing. However, this time around it seems like the industrial style will manage to bring us on board. A much lighter approach to the industrial style might be what we needed.


Be prepared to paint you walls white again, get some simple and unfinished looking shelves and tables and change the material on your sofa into a light grey and quite hard material. Even though it is industrial, this new style tolerates finished floors and even those with white marble, which are actually the best choice one can make. Flowers are also welcome, but you need to take care of what they are put in and how they are positioned against the sunlight and sources of light. Color is somehow a big no, and can be accepted only in the lightest shade, so light that it almost turns into a grayish white.

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